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Suw Charman-Anderson

Suw Charman-Anderson is a social software consultant and writer who specialises in the use of blogs and wikis behind the firewall. With a background in journalism, publishing and web design, Suw is now one of the UK’s best known bloggers, frequently speaking at conferences and seminars.

Her personal blog is Chocolate and Vodka, and yes, she’s married to Kevin.

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Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson is a freelance journalist and digital strategist with more than a decade of experience with the BBC and the Guardian. He has been a digital journalist since 1996 with experience in radio, television, print and the web. As a journalist, he uses blogs, social networks, Web 2.0 tools and mobile technology to break news, to engage with audiences and tell the story behind the headlines in multiple media and on multiple platforms.

From 2009-2010, he was the digital research editor at The Guardian where he focused on evaluating and adapting digital innovations to support The Guardian’s world-class journalism. He joined The Guardian in September 2006 as their first blogs editor after 8 years with the BBC working across the web, television and radio. He joined the BBC in 1998 to become their first online journalist outside of the UK, working as the Washington correspondent for

And, yes, he’s married to Suw.

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Wednesday, September 27th, 2006

Our second podcast pt 1: A conference roundup

Posted by Kevin Anderson

We recorded this on Sunday night, but I’ve really struggled with Odeo’s upload tool. In the end, I gave up, uploaded to the Internet Archive and just linked to it via Odeo. (Note: It does take a second or two to load into the Odeo player) The Creative Commons publisher worked a treat, and I’m happy that we’re using CC licencing anyway.

Suw has been on the conference circuit lately. I so glad that she got a new MacBook so we can do video iChat. Otherwise, I’d rarely see her. She’s been to FooCamp, EuroFoo, and EuroOSCON. It’s got her excited about Second Life among other things. And we talk about the devloper-as-journalist Adrian Holovaty.

She just left this morning to go to Shift in Lisbon.. We’ll have to talk about that later.

powered by ODEO

You can always simply download the podcast here. (20:28 9.8 MB)

We started off thinking that we really didn’t have much to talk about, but in the end, we talked so much that we decided to break up the podcast into two parts. I’ll add the show notes in a bit and post the second part in a bit.

UPDATE: Show notes:

00:30 EuroFoo recap Suw talks about FooCamp and EuroFoo, including talking about the Google Flyover, making a crashed Cylon raider out of beanbags
03:25 Suw talks about a presentation on chocolate. Remember, only losers chew. Real people suck.
07:00 Other topics at EuroFoo, future of spying, Ryan Carson talks about working a four-day week, and ‘Could we build a tricorder?’
08:56 EuroOSCON. Suw discusses Tom Steinberg of MySociety presentation about democratising government. I talk about distributed journalism. I space on the details, but Glyn reminds me in the comments.
11:52 Adrian Holovaty talks about adding structure to the data that journalists gather. Adrian talks about the developer as journalists.
16:40 It’s like Tom Coates who talks about a ‘web of data’. Journalism now is a web of news, Suw says.

The first half ends a bit abruptly, but I’ll post the second half now.

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8 Responses to “Our second podcast pt 1: A conference roundup”

  1. PJ Ford Says:

    Hey Sue!

    Enjoy your podcasts. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with Odeo. They have a really nice service. Another service I use is ClickCaster (, which provides audio and video podcasting support including hosting, podcast sharing etc. I think you’ll like their service.

    Keep up the great work! Talking about Chocolate makes me hungry :)

    PJ Ford

  2. Kevin Says:


    Kevin here. Suw’s just arrived in Lisbon. Yeah, last time, I was able to get to Odeo to work only by uploading the audio using Internet Explorer on the PC. This time, no such luck. I read about ClickCaster when I was looking around for alternatives. Thanks for the advice.


  3. Glyn Says:

    You forgot to mention the senator who was caught doing the secret hold was Senator Ted Stevens. Mr network neutrality tubes man.

    If you don’t have time to watch all 7 mins of it, jump 3:40 into the stream.

  4. Steve Says:

    Interesting information… I visited Adrian Holovaty’s blog and found it very fascinating. It is great when people like him get employed by companies like the Washington Post who are willing to let them expand horizons.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Ah yes, Glynn, distributed memory. There have been a couple of instances of this kind of networked journalism, but this is one of the them.

    Chalk up my forgetfulness to a couple of glasses of wine. It was old Ted Stevens.

    The identity of the blogosphere’s “secret senator” has been revealed.

    CNN has confirmed that Sen. Ted Stevens, R-Alaska, has placed a hold on a bill that would require the government to publish online a database of federal spending.

    Looks like Sen Byrd of West Virginia also had a hold on the bill before lifting it.

    It looks like NZ Bear and Glenn Reynolds from Porkbusters worked hard on this:

    I love the quote from Senator Trent Lott getting tired of hearing from them. Damn straight Mr Senator. Go Porkbusters. You only get to vote once every six years for your senator but you can call them up and ask for accountability every single day!

  6. Roberto Says:


    I saw your article after I read Pods and Blogs by Chris. Just wanted to send you a copy of my new blog at It was Chris’s Idea and I am thankful to him and BBC Five Live.

    I wrote a blog about Dengue its available at
    Please feel free to visit and offer critiques since I am new at this.

    Hope everything is great where you are. My Wife and Daughter are doing great.

    Best wishes from Miami.

    PS: I also have another E Mail Address:

  7. Suw Says:

    Aaaah yes, memory. I’m getting forgetful in my old age, so always thankful when someone else fills in the gaps for me.

    Just sitting in the hotel in Lisbon, waiting for a taxi to the airport. Been thinking a lot about this first joint podcast and why, if I’m honest, I wasn’t very happy with it. To me, it doesn’t really quite capture the feel of the conversations that Kevin and I usually have… it turned into a bit of an interview, really. Next time, I’m going to ban Kevin from asking questions and see if we can’t improve things. And we should try to cover less ground and talk more in depth about things.

    But this is all a learning curve. And despite the fact that I’m convinced it’s more fun to make a podcast than listen to one, we shall carry on.

  8. drew Says:

    I have never had luck with Odeo. May I encourage you to try out Evoca. They are a relative newcomer but a fine service. I use them for several purposes. Cheers!