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From 2009-2010, he was the digital research editor at The Guardian where he focused on evaluating and adapting digital innovations to support The Guardian’s world-class journalism. He joined The Guardian in September 2006 as their first blogs editor after 8 years with the BBC working across the web, television and radio. He joined the BBC in 1998 to become their first online journalist outside of the UK, working as the Washington correspondent for

And, yes, he’s married to Suw.

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Monday, December 15th, 2008

20 signs you don’t want that internal social media project

Posted by Suw Charman-Anderson

I just nearly burst my appendix laughing at Chris Applegate’s 20 signs you don’t want that social media project. I am thus inspired to write my own list of tips that, perhaps, one doesn’t really want that internal social media project after all.

  1. Client wants to code their own blog/wiki software because “we want total control”.
  2. Client insists that only the management be allowed to have internal blogs.
  3. The PR department wants to write the CEO’s internal blog posts.
  4. IT won’t allow anyone to install an RSS reader until it’s been through a code review. Which could take upwards of a year. And that’s not including reviewing updates…
  5. Client insists on using Lotus Notes as their blogging platform.
  6. When you ask how much experience staff have of social media, IT replies, “Oh, we block all those sites.”
  7. The client wants Facebook.
  8. “Why don’t we just throw some mud at the walls and see what sticks?”
  9. IT disables all RSS feeds because of “a potential exploit we read about on Slashdot”.
  10. Client insists on using Sharepoint as their wiki.
  11. User surveys show some staff have more than 50,000 unread messages in their inbox, yet management insist, “We really don’t have a problem with email here.”
  12. Management refuse to learn new terminology, resulting in statements like “I just posted a new blog to our wiki.”
  13. Apparently, IM is “just for kids.”
  14. Client decides that only “management-approved labels” can be used as tags in the social bookmarking app.
  15. Client’s wiki is called CompanyPedia, is already out of date and is never used for actual collaboration.
  16. IT eschew open source software because “Who would provide support?”
  17. There are regular discussions as to which is the best Web 2.0 application: Lotus Notes or Sharepoint?
  18. “Why don’t we just install some forums?”
  19. Client thinks that “adoption” means everyone is going to end up looking after a small orphaned child.
  20. The CIO still has his secretary print out all his emails.

UPDATE: The above list has now been translated into French by the lovely Frédéric de Villamil!

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11 Responses to “20 signs you don’t want that internal social media project”

  1. Sid Says:

    No 15 just isn’t fair! There’s nothing wrong with CompanyPedia, other than the spelling!

  2. Suw Charman-Anderson Says:

    Ha ha ha. Sorry, but “CompanyPedia” frequently indicates a lack of imagination from people who view wikis only as types of encyclopedia, not as a flexible collaboration platform. Not that I’d accuse you guys of thinking that way, you definitely have your shit together when to comes to knowing what a wiki is capable of. Perhaps you’re the exception…? ;)

  3. Adam Says:

    I hearby name this blocker bingo, and will be printing it out and crossing them off in meetings…

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    [...] Suw Charman-Anderson follows up with an internal version. Both are spot on. And while the web geeks amongst us giggle, they should also be compulsive reading for anybody or company thinking of getting into social media. [...]

  5. Sid Says:

    Why thank you. It is a bit of a lack of imagination but a “CompanyPedia” is an easy concept for people to get their heads rounds. It does sometimes then prove difficult to get people out of that mode though. Just the other day I was having a conversation about how a wiki isn’t a publication medium in the common sense.

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  7. chryss Says:

    10 & a little of 15 are what I’m butting my head against internally.

    And 16 is extremely common IME.

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